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Zirid Granada & the Berber Universe. Temporary Exhibition at the Alhambra Palace until 21st April 2020.

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13 January, 2020
Ignacio Duran

Recommended by Hotel Alhambra Palace

An Exhibition about Ziri Granada and the Berber universe. One of a kind up to now, shares cultural origins coming from other far flung locations. It combines archaelogical finds, ethnographic and anthropological exhibits.

The fascinating collection of theFondation Dra. Leila Mézian highlights the cultural entity of the amaziques. A highly ranked group within the Islamic world and always with their own personality and identity. Through these exhibits we can appreciate their agricultural and farming  lifestyle. As well as examples of their artisan past.

Amazig and Granada are bound through history. The current city of Granada actual would not have been the same without the zirí dynasty´s presence.

This exuberant visual archive, open to all visitors, remembers a community with a rich history, often silenced over the ages.

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