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The History of Tourism Museum opens its fifth room inside the Hotel Alhambra Palace.


26 April, 2019
Ignacio Duran

This emblematic hotel dedicates room number 5 of the Tourism Museum to its founder the Duke of San Pedro de Galatino. This historic establishment in Granada incorporates a permanent exhibition in the hotel lobby. The Tourism Museum project is a unique initiative recognizing the value and evolution of tourism over the years.

Displayed inside a glass case it is prominently located so all the clients and guests can see the exhibits. The collection will be changed and updated periodically. The contents are taken care of by Raúl García Cuesta. A passionate local figure in the tourist sector, currently working at the Provincial Tourist Board for Granada.

The Hotel Alhambra Palace is committed to promoting cultural and literary activities. In fact, it already has one of the rooms of the ´Tourism Museum` Even the setting, the hotel itself is a notable historic venue. This initiative recognises notable personalities and moments that contributed to the tourism sector.

Dedicated to the Duke of San Pedro de Galatino, the exhibition is open to clients and guests already. It will be a permanent fixture yet the contents will be updated and changed periodically. Some of the exhibits will have a theme or specific area of tourism.

Several pieces exhibited are historic documents from the city of Granada, or its surroundings and about the hotel itself. Which is probably the oldest 5-star hotel in Spain.

Motivated by a passion for history and travel Raúl García Cuesta will take care of the exhibits. Together with support from Javier Mateos in Seville and Rafael Guzmán in Madrid.  Alberto Bosque Coello leads the promotion and development of the initiative.

According to Bosque¨ the Tourism Museum is unique as it is not for profit, it has several locations and it’s a collaborative project. Collaboration is open to individuals, companies and institutions. The main objective is to recover and recall all the moments, personalities in the history of tourism. This dedication within the industry has created travel as it is today and the promotion of destinations.

The Museum of Tourism has 17 rooms worldwide, all in glass cases. There are four other ones in progress. These will be free exhibition spaces in hotel receptions or tourist information offices. With over 8000 documents and related objects linked to the history of travel. Works by writers, illustrators, photographers and theorists will be displayed. Munzer, Washington Irving, Gustav Doré, Teófilo or Gautier. Photographers such as Clifford, Laurent, Ayola, Torres Molina and L. Roisin. Or the first travel guides or first tourist information leaflets to ever be printed.


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